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Life Is Waiting

Vita Est Exspecto

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This community is here to help us find out more about ourselves and what power we hold over our own lives. We want to empower ourselves to really take control and make things happen. We want to understand why we are the way we are.
You must request admission into the community because if we are working on a book, we don't want people coming in in the middle because it wouldn't be very productive. You may join whenever we have finished one book and are getting ready for the next. What we do here is find books that will help us in the ways mentioned above and we use the community as a forum to share and learn from eachother.
There will be no attacks on any person here because we need to be an open and trusting environment if we are to really learn all that we can of ourselves and eachother. If someone steps over the line of respect for another person, they will be banned from the community.
The name of the community "Vita Est Exspecto" is latin for "Life is waiting", which is exactly our philosophy. Life is waiting, let's not make it wait any longer.